Announce High Concept

Announce High Concept

Hey everybody. I haven’t updated in a super long time because I’ve been working on a pilot for my cartoon “High Concept”.

The show is about screenwriting, the art of storytelling, and perspective. Each character is going to have their own drawing style for the way that they perceive and imagine the stories presented.

It’s a blast to write and generate concept art. I’ll post more when I get that far. I would rather get-it-on than talk about getting-it-on.

Program Management:

  • Pilot is written and in second draft. Another 30 minute episode is blocked out.
  • Character and concept art is in the rough stages. It won’t be fleshed out until the first animatic is done.
  • Getting ready to record a reading of the pilot to evaluate for pacing and overall quality.
  • After the recording, will put together a rough storyboard and animate it in-time with the rough audio (an animatic).
  • Pending the quality of the first draft animatic, Character art and concept art will proceed for a Finalized and Stylized Animatic. This will include some basic pans, zooms, and simple animation. No full motion animation will be attempted seeing as how I don’t really have a team of animators. Don’t worry. I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve, so it will look slick.

If you like what I do and want to fund the effort, please donate. Seriously, I’m doing this for my love of creativity and because I really think that I can bring new things to storytelling and the visual / time based medium. The more donations I get, the more I can explore these and push on to even more creative plateaus.

Anyone who donates more than $15 will have access to audio recordings of the writing sessions.

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